How to find royalty free music for your Youtube videos

Finding it hard to find free but funky music for your youtube videos? Everyone has that problem when starting a Youtube video.There is a big difference between free music on youtube videos and royalty free music. The free music that you see on Youtube videos are copyrighted the majority of the time and would have a price to use them. However, royalty free music is free from fees and copyright issues. You simply have a choice to either pay a one time only license fee to use it unlimited times or to find other free resources. By using Royalty free music resources, it simplifies music licensing by removing the need to get a licensing fee from the Performance Rights Organisation (PRO’s). 

What is Royalty free music? 

So in a quick outline, Royalty free music refers to the type of music licensing that allows the customer to purchase a song under one fee to have the rights to use that song in unlimited ways. Once you find a royalty free song from a free resource or purchased a one time license fee, it gives you the right to use copyrighted music without being charged for the music per view. And trust me when I say this… you don’t want to be paying that hefty fine. 

As well, some people are offering their music for free but in exchange for something in return. As you might find an artist or composer that would be happy to give you the rights to their music in exchange for credits in your video. This creative relationship can be a great way to build connections within the industry, supporting smaller businesses and to stand out from the crowd. 

Basically free royalty music resources offer:

  • Download access and free use of music
  • Unlimited use of music for personal youtube videos
  • Can use for commercial or promotional purposes
  • ONE TIME fee/ subscriptions

Royalty free music is not a specific type of music

Royalty free music does not have a specific genre to it. I’m sure you have seen youtubers that are starting off using free background music or similar songs being played over and over again through the Youtube videos you watch. The good thing is that Royalty free music has every music genre you can think of. From Jazz, to House music, you can spice up your videos with the mood and vibe you’re wanting for your Youtube videos without paying a massive fee to have access to it. 

When looking for royalty free music, you need to ensure it states that it is a style of license that you can use for commercial use and using it more than just for personal usage ( your home and phone). If you pick royalty free music that does have commercial rights and only can be used for personal use, this does not provide you with any rights to use the music in your website and videos. Basically you must ensure you’re picking your music for the right purpose otherwise things will get messy. 

  Source: Wyzowl

Where to find quality royalty free music

Now i know what you may think.. cheap music or free music can’t be sounding that good. But here is where you’re wrong. There are so many up-coming artists that provide their music for royalty free commercial use as they want to get their names out there. From platforms like Soundcloud, you are able to get access to innovative, modern royalty free music that hasn’t been used immensely within Youtube or commercial space. But with platforms like Epidemic Sound that are trusted by the likes of GoPro and Complex, you too can have the sound and quality that you’re looking for.

It is evident that this process is trial and error and you’ll be able to filter out what music is bad quality and what music is good quality. But now is the time find your sound and explore the space of Royalty free music 

Pricing of royalty free music for Youtube videos

The price tag on the license for royalty free music can vary and differ. It all depends on the quality, platform and subscription if that’s what you choose. From a $22.49/ month subscription from Shutterstock, to Premium Beat’s $199USD one off payment for unlimited use of licensed songs. It all depends on the length of the song and what platform or resource that you’re getting it from. Just ensure that the royalty free music that you purchase is for commercial rights and not just for personal rights.

Thankfully, you won’t have to physically worry about purchasing the rights off of Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, PRS, etc. as they’re being paid by the networks and are administering the performance royalties to the music composers and artists. 

Royalty free music platforms to use for Youtube videos


Artlist is a platform where you can create an account and pay a fee of $199USD/year to use unlimited, handpicked original music. They convey that their music is handpicked from inspiring indie artists around the world and to provide unlimited downloads with up to 10,000+ songs.  You can start a free trial today and test out if you like it before you pay one simple license fee for the entire artist catalog. The music on this platform is licensed to be used anywhere from Youtube monetisation to commercial use worldwide. Their customers include big business names such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and National Geographic to only name a few. 

Source: Artlis

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound promotes to help your struggles with music licensing with  your video, whether it be for film or Youtube. Their library of music and artists is of highest quality and is usable on all social platforms. This royalty-free forever resource can allow you to discover the perfect track from over 30,000 tracks to 170 genres in their audio library. You can choose from either personal or commercial license when picking your plan, but i would advise to pick commercial as it covers the personal license and all online platforms and digital ads.

It’s currently $49USD per/month with a 30-day free trial which helps you to test out if their platform supports and meets with your criteria for your youtube videos.  Although this may be pricey and isn’t a one off payment, you will have access to unlimited sounds, music and artists that will support your style of Youtube videos. 

   Source: Econsultancy

Premium Beat

use within your project. Simply they outline to just select your profile type, pay once and use forever. Licenses are valid for one track and include full song, loops and short clips. You can either choose from the standard plan of $49USD for unlimited projects, worldwide or the premium plan  of $199USD that will cover non-web advertisements or any revenue generated content. They express that they work with talented, award winning composers to create only the highest quality royalty-free tracks for your stories. Premium Beat are trusted by the world’s best companies and creative professionals such as Vogue, billboard and amazon to name a few. 

Premium Beat have a blog post about their Royalty free round up of the high-energy royalty free music tracks . It’s a good read and insight of what music to pick to inspire, motivate and energize your Youtube audience!

Check it out here:

 Source: Premium Beat

Audio jungle

his platform allows you to use royalty free music and audio tracks from just as little as $1 USD. From over 1 million tracks and sounds from their community of musicians and sound engineers, you can explore and find the song or audio  that you’ve been looking for.From their broad music choices and sound unique music kits, you’re always sure to find top-quality music to make any Youtube video sound right . AudioJungle also offers free music and sound engineering tutorials as well as monthly freebies for you to enjoy including royalty free music, video effects, royalty free music, stock photography and 3D assets.  

          Source: AudioJungle

Royalty free music on Youtube channels

With Youtube royalty free channels, you can find artists that are willing to provide free download links and songs to use for your own private and promotional use. There are many youtube channels that showcase free music to download, so it’s a good idea to explore on Youtube yourself with what kind of songs that people are producing and interested in. I have listed a few Youtube channels that provide free to download music for your own Youtube videos.

Audio Library

This channel is essentially made for content creators on Youtube. With nearly 3 million subscribers, they are uploading and providing fun, quirky and vibrant tunes that will flow within any youtube video. All their songs are copyright safe and are free to use for private and promotional use. They also have a website 

Vlog No Copyright Music

This channel aims to provide the best vlog no copyright music in the world for content creators. They release new videos every week and have a broad range of music to choose from. From vacation sounds, to house music, they have you covered for your vlog videos!

Free Music Audio Library

From funk, to action music, this platform is great to visit for interesting and innovative royalty free music for your own Youtube videos. They have a list of videos to listen and choose from with genres clearly listed.

Source: M2social

Essentially, if you know what royalty free music is, how it works and where to find it, you’re done! It may take some time to get used to understanding which platform is the best music for you, but this cycle is all about experimenting and discovering what instantly works best with your Youtube videos. The cycle of searching for music through musicians, songs and sounds will make you a more innovative worker wanting to achieve their perfect video. At the end of the day, you want your Youtube videos to produce audio that will excite and draw in your viewers.

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