5 influential factors that affect your Youtube earnings potential

In this article we look at 5 influential factors that will increase the potential for your Youtube earnings. Knowing how to optimise your awareness and earnings on Youtube is of value to your business and personal self. You will become the most successful person you know on Youtube if you know all the tools and methods to increase your channels awareness and earnings potential.

Factors that determine your Youtube earnings are:

  1. Ad monetisation
  2. Understanding CPM, CPV & CPC
  3. Use of SEO
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Sponsorships

Using ad monetisation

First and full-most, what is ad monetisation? When you turn on your channel to activate monetisation, you allow ads to be on your Youtube channel. Ads are sent by auction Adsense, Google ad manager and other Youtube outlets. Although getting ads on your videos may take some time. It’s important that once you have ad monetisation up and running on your channel, to read your Adsense report and analyse your data. It is evident that 45% of all ad revenue you earn goes to Youtube, so it’s important to know how much you’re earning and how to potentially increase your Youtube channel.

You will have access to different details and stats in your Adsense account that will help you understand the revenue from your page by revenue per thousand impression(RPM). Your RPM can fluctuate from day to month so knowing how your channel performs and how you can change it is valuable.Now that you know how ad monetisation works, it’s important to be advertiser friendly about your content. Otherwise the videos won’t get sponsorships and some videos may get flagged depending on whether the video is advertiser friendly.

But note, an ad that’s running on your video doesn’t mean you ‘re making money. If the prospective customer clicks on the advertising and also buys the product within a certain time period, you will only get profits.

Using CPM, CPV & CPC to increase your earnings

Such approaches are useful and essential for studying and understanding how much money you make from your video advertisement interaction. When you understand how these methods work, you’ll be able to gain more information about Youtube’s algorithm and how you can boost your commitment to making more profit. I’ll just refer to what they are here and how to use them for your benefit.


This abbreviation is referred to as Cost per Mille, which means Cost per thousand. CPM is the amount paid to an advertiser per 1,000 views.You will earn CPM for any ad that has been watched entirely not partially unfortunately. For instance, if a channel receives more than 500,000 views provides an advertiser with a higher return on their investment compared to those with a smaller view of interaction counts as 100 views. Ultimately, in order to get attention and Adsense, you’ll have to create quality content to cater to your audience.


Cost per view is a pricing mechanism that an advertiser charges for every view played on its video ads. CPV should be tracked to help you achieve your goals and money better, and to understand how much your video ad space is worth for every view. This will help you assess the expense of your interaction with your Youtube audience. 


The traditional way of charging ads is cost per click. Such advertisements are put around the video but not in the video itself and are generally paid for CPC purposes. You get charged a certain amount when the user clicks on your ad.

CPC is decided by other factors, including your maximum bid, the quality score and the ad rank of certain advertisers bidding for the same videos. The aim is to assess your traffic and to ensure that at the beginning of your channel growth you do not demand high prices.

Ultimately it’s very simple… the more viewers you attract, the more revenue you will get.

Source: Sellfy

Using SEO to increase awareness of your Youtube videos

You need to understand how Search Engine Optimisation works to increase the amount and efficiency of traffic to your Youtube channel. Youtube has its own search engine that helps users to quickly access videos that interest them. Ultimately, you should understand the Youtube SEO to help boost your video channel and traffic. For instance, if a person made a video on why YouTube ads, they would use the words in the title “Why YouTube ads are important to your business.” The aim is to be precise and transparent about the content that you create and display.

Creators on Youtube can use tools to gain more attention and growth on their videos. These include:

Using affiliate links

It’s also important to think about improving your earnings with other revenue sources in order to become competitive on Youtube. When you speak to your channel about a business or review a product, you will use an affiliate link to the products you are promoting. When you begin to get attraction with affiliate links on these videos, you’ll not only make money from ads but also from these affiliate links if the user is a potential buyer. 

There are many different affiliate programs for brands, products or even audio that you use on your youtube videos. You can find out more on royalty free music affiliate programs on Online Creator Institute.

The value of Sponsorships to a Youtuber

Another source of income is getting a promotion for your content, and engaging with a brand relationship through your channel. Through selling sponsored placements in your videos, it eventually maximises your sales potential. The amount you’ll get and receive from this sponsorship will vary depending on your channel engagement, subscribers, view count and video quality. Ultimately, knowing your channel ‘s value and what your channel is worth with regard to what sponsorship you ‘d like to do is crucial.

Source: Animoto

As a Youtuber, if you understand how these tools and systems operate, you will be able to use them to your benefit efficiently in order to perform to the highest level. It’s not just learning these measures that can help increase your sales potential on Youtube, but it’s how you want to get inspired to use these algorithms to your own benefit to become your own boss. For more information on how to increase revenue for your Youtube business, please visit The Online Creator Institute. 

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