How to apply basic time management hacks to your productive work life

It seems to be a common thing for everyone wanting to apply manage time management to their work and social life better. Everyone is realising how unproductive their days are which leaves them asking themselves, how do I manage my time better? From working at home, to the office, everyone should have a plan and process to effectively get their work done in a timely and simple manner. The key is to work smart, not harder. In this blog post i’ll be giving you some tips and tricks to manage your time better so you can be on top of your work and social life!

“How we spend our day is, of course, how we spend our lives”

– Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

Can time management be taught?

It’s important to recognise that planning and scheduling your work life should be simple tasks and can be taught easily. A good time-management schedule usually comes from personal experience after a failed time schedule. So remember, you don’t need someone telling you how to manage time better as you can be your own boss. It is not beneficial for you or your business to find planning your work tasks as a chore as well. You will have a good outlook on it as you set out what needs to be done and how it can be achieved in a timely fashion.

When you look at things in a positive light, you’ll be motivated to find new and creative ways to better handle your time to result in successful employment and eventually a happier social life.

Time management methods & tools

Learning about the computer science of scheduling can give you an idea of our own human struggles with time. Even computers can get overwhelmed sometimes, so it’s effective to find simple tools and platforms to manage your time better. Platforms such as Google Calendar and the development of unique email folders can be a great way to manage tasks in a scheduled calendar and coordinate important colleagues emails. There are even apps like Forest that make sure you stay focused and productive by planting a seed in a forest, and the more you don’t touch your phone, the more you watch it grow into a tree. 

Source: The balance smb

Planning & Organisation

But with these tools comes distractions, as all the time you spend prioritising your work, is time that you aren’t spending doing it. Organising the inboxes and prioritising what job is more relevant is very common for the average worker. This is known as the quadratic-time algorithm. The algorithm’s overall idea is to convey the meltdown and waste of time a person can do by spending more time ranking these tasks than actually doing them. The solution here is to not do your tasks in strict order to reduce the stress and your valuable time.

However, if you’re a Youtuber for example, you may have to follow a routine of different tasks you need to do in order to post a video. Ultimately, it is important to have a planned routine of what you’re doing but try not to make an intense plan of what’s most and least important.

Time management hacks

When a computer goes from one task to another, this is called a context switch. Moving old data out of its memory and new data in. Each of these actions comes at a cost and will affect your focus as you have so many different things to do. The key is to understand the fundamental trade off between productivity and responsiveness. Getting work done means minimizing context switches but being responsive means reacting anytime something comes up. In saying that, it’s important to understand  the both trade-offs to help you decide where you want to strike that balance in your work and personal life. The obvious solution here is to minimise interruptions and the less obvious is to group them. 

Time management benefits

While you’re having an effective process and order in place to manage your time, it’s valuable to have incentives for your hard work to keep you motivated! You’re not a working machine, at the end of the day we’re humans and we need to feel like we’re being rewarded. These incentives could include food, materialistic items or social activities. Just ensure you’re including benefits for your effective time management otherwise you will crash from the amount of work and planning you do. 

These incentives are here at the end of the day to encourage you for your productive, hard work that you’ve been doing.

The key to success

There is a really easy way of putting it. How you manage your time is a reflection of the quality of your work. If you put little time and effort to plan in your work, it will show through the quality. This is talked about extensively within Online Creator Institute Masterclasses , as having the right foundation and mindset is mentioned to be the key components to producing quality content on Youtube. 

Source: G-able

Conclusively, by being on top of your work schedule and tasks, it gives us back one of the things that feel so rare in modern life: Rest!

Make sure that you handle your time in the best manner you know how and raise your tension by being productive with your time. Make sure to check out the Online Creator Institute to find out more on how to manage your time effectively on your own Youtube business. 

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