10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

If you’ve ever felt this way about your website and wished that more people could see what you’ve done, don’t worry. We’re going over 10 ways to increase your website traffic so that you can get the attention you deserve.

Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

1. Focus on On-Page SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Being able to optimize your website and content for search engines is all about focusing on the little things that happen behind your website.

Have you thought about making alt text for your images? Have you built internal links within your domain? Or perhaps, have you used appropriate header tags?

These are small details that many dismiss yet can have an everlasting impact on your website’s organic traffic.

2. Write Content With Powerful, Intriguing Headlines

Headlines are so important to your website content because they tell audiences what they’re going to be reading.

The sad truth is that people do judge a book by its cover. I don’t recall any well-known book I read that did not have an attractive cover, title and even more interesting chapter titles.

The same goes for websites. So think a few times about how you want to convey your whole content in these headlines and in a way that will grab your reader’s attention.

Increase Website Traffic by using powerful, intriguing headlines.

3. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

We’ve created a blog just on this. Have a niche website? You’d be surprised to know there are many customers that know what they want and are furiously specific when searching or looking for something.

Understanding this, you can use long-tail keywords to cater to these customers’ needs and have your pages rank more favourably,  thus enabling you to find your target audience and them to find you!

4. Businesses Should Post Content to LinkedIn

We often see LinkedIn more as a platform to find a job. But what people often don’t know is how valuable it can be to regularly publish content onto this dominant social network.

Not only will it bring attention to your profile, but it will also enable you to remind your network of your website and ultimately boost its traffic.

5. Being Proactive on Social Media

Posting content is not exclusive to LinkedIn and it’s not the only answer to driving traffic to your website. It includes being active and participating in every way possible to remind people about you.

Have something you want to share with your audience? Do that. Think of it as your social media. Recognised that people are commenting on your Instagram Post? Do they have questions? Reply back to them and interact.

Increase Website Traffic by being activity on social media.

6. Building a FAST Website

Most people don’t like to wait. It’s just a fact. I don’t like waiting either. If people have to wait for a site to load when really it should appear right on their screen immediately, you can expect many people to be hitting the back arrow on the top left of their web browser.

So consider how your page is structured. Consider any third-party plugins you have and if they’re affecting your site’s speed. Considered the image file sizes in your web content. All these factors are important in determining your site’s speed.

Building fast websites to increase website traffic.

7. Creating Videos as part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Reading from a page that has a bunch of text and images is good and all but building videos can really bring that oomph for your website.

Videos have every aspect of helping the mind retain information. They provide audio, visuals including images, colour, text, along with engaging animations.

Being able to present your audience with such content will make them remember your website and lead to the desired goal of increased traffic.

You don’t need to hire anyone or buy any expensive equipment. In fact, you can just use your phone to create a masterpiece that can attract people.

Increase website traffic by making videos.

8. Encouraging Word-of-Mouth Marketing

We all know how crazy gossip can spread but we never associate it to ‘word of mouth’. It’s really the same thing except gossips usually have a bad connotation to it.

But the fundamental idea that you can take from this is that all it takes is one person from your immediate network to listen and be interested in what you have to say for them to potentially share it to others.

So share your website with your friends, family, or coworkers. Or even reach out to people already enjoying your website. Keep them up to date with what you’re doing and they might just be inclined to pass it on to their own network.

9. Creating a Community

I believe what makes social media apps and websites so popular is their ability to connect people with one another.

Have you ever spent hours messaging someone? Have you ever closed the Facebook app only to come back on it after a few minutes? It’s addictive. Yet, it enables people to express themselves and discuss what they want. And it might have to do with this sense of immediate connection or community; that you’re only one message away from reaching out to someone.

Building a chat or comment system or even a forum on your website can help build this sense of community where users can interconnect and have a conversation relevant to what you do on your website.

10. Host Webinars On Your Website

The digital world has given us an infinite supply of resources and has bred the concept of ‘continually learning’. At the end of the idea, it’s all about giving and taking.

If you want people to come to your website, you’ve got to give something in return. People love to learn nowadays and it’s time to think about how you can bring value to them.

If you do then, implementing webinars will help cater to the learners out there and allow you to share your knowledge with them. By doing this, in addition to using social media promotion and advertisements, you can expect to see webinars helping you increase your website’s traffic. 

Increase website traffic by hosting webinars.

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