5 fundamental reasons why YouTube marketing is critical for your business!

Why is YouTube marketing so important?

We’ve been there.

We’ve all struggled through a frustrating performance plateau and seemingly repetitive and lacklustre marketing campaigns.

Continually struggling to break open the market with powerful and infectious market campaigns?

YouTube may very well be the answer for you and your business.

Youtube marketing is quickly becoming one of the most viable, effective, and profitable methods a business can employ to market their product or service by being very effective at generating new prospects and converting subscribers into customers.

Youtube Marketing:

·  Effectively utilises the 2nd largest online search engine. (H4?)

·  Takes advantage of video, the most engaging form of online content.

·  Provides an opportunity for endless business and creative possibilities.

·  Is extremely mobile-friendly.

· Can significantly increase your businesses SEO ranking.

YouTube is the 2nd largest online search engine

YouTube is one of the world’s most active and popular sites used to share and view content, boasting a huge estimated 2 billion monthly active users. This huge base of consumers effectively means YouTube is shared by basically every demographic, highlighting YouTube as a highly relevant and effective medium that you can use to reach any target audience with the exact message you want to deliver.

What are the other benefits of this huge reach of YouTube?

This huge scale of reach that YouTube has the potential to deliver means not only that select demographics be successfully targeted; but there is an intense opportunity for viral marketing to do just that and go viral – taking your business or organisation to new heights seemingly overnight.

Video content is the stat-based best form of content!

Video content is the most engaging way for a business to interact with its audience. The upsides of employing video content are significant and widespread.

·  Video content can combine all other forms of content.

·  Video is a great and very engaging medium for storytelling.

·  Information is way more easily consumed when it is shown through video.

Using video to deliver a message and market your brand and product is the best way; very simply because the human brain is known to love and consume video content far more than it does through reading. Studies show that the brain on average retains 95% of a video, compared to 10% of the text. Furthermore, consumer analysis shows that consumers are far more likely to buy a product if they are shown instructions or a ‘how-to’ video online that outlines how a product can be optimally employed.

As a content creator, you are free to show exactly what you want to show in the exact way that you desire, marketing through YouTube allows you easily highlight your unique selling point and convey your value.

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YouTube is the online home of video content

YouTube is home to all kinds of videos. Marketers are free to construct their content in any medium they choose to best connect with their targeted audiences, the creative possibilities are endless. Through promotional collaborations, how-to videos, hype videos, teasers, or anything that a creator can think of, can be done and conveyed through YouTube.

YouTube videos are extremely mobile-friendly!

Videos on YouTube are easily shared on social media and are very friendly for mobile views. 90% of consumers are said to watch videos from their phones, and the rise of mobile viewing is experiencing an unprecedented rate of growth with the improvements and accessibility of technology.

This is not the only hugely beneficial aspect of the relationship between mobile viewing and YouTube content marketing; as it’s believed that smartphone viewers are 1.4x more likely to watch and pay attention to advertisements compared to TV viewers. This is a measure that you would be silly to ignore.

YouTube videos are fantastic for search engine rankings

Google and other search engine rankings for websites is greatly improved if YouTube content is included. Video’s increase the time that viewer’s stay on your website resulting in a longer exposure of your brand and a demonstration to search engines that the website has good and relevant content. Studies show that you are an incredible 53% higher chance of ranking first on the google search pages if your website has a YouTube video on it.

Random technical fact. Did you know YouTube videos will outrank most websites with a Domain Authority of under 50? So if your website has a DA of <50. Make a YouTube about your product. We teach you how to do this in the YouTube MasterClass.

In conclusion; the continuing rapid increasing prevalence and growth of YouTube highlights the incredible value of YouTube marketing can have for your business. Not only this but all kinds of technology, particularly video and editing technology are becoming better and cheaper making it more accessible for all. These combined trends showcase the necessity for your business to take full advantage of the huge upsides this medium can offer.

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