5 Differences between Management and Leadership in Marketing

So, what’s all this buzz around Leadership and how it’s different to Management? Don’t get me wrong, Managers are leaders in their own rights! But we’ll discuss the intricacies of both so you have a better understanding.

Why is it a big deal for Businesses and Marketers?

Well, as Businesses continue to grow, they are reaching out to ‘Leaders’ that can innovate and exercise creative power to bring positive change within Marketing which yields them more revenue. However, the confusion arrives when Leaders are instead given management tasks and Managers are expected to Lead like Leaders.

This has created many tensions between the hierarchy of business employees due to a lack of clarity and boundary. These difficulties can make periods of vulnerability which may negatively impact the Enterprise’s viability and productivity.

Take a look at any company with a Glassdoor account to see the feedback on upper management and their strategic directive. It’s reviewed feedback directly from employee’s themselves.

The main difference between Managers and Leaders?

Often the roles of managers and leaders are interwoven such as planning, organising, command, coordination and control are central to both. The terms “manager” and “leader” are used interchangeably, however, the distinction between both is management comprises a few tasks that are not shared by leadership, while leadership consists of no distinct tasks within its role.

According to Five Perspectives on the Leadership-Management relationship

“a manager controls risks to achieve goals whereas leaders take risks to manifest their vision.”

Managers embody order, stability, and efficiency and leaders are recognised by their flexibility, innovation, and adaptation. Lastly, managers are known to work within the rules and procedures of the company whereas leaders are innovators that seek to defy these rules for the development of the company.  Ever hear of the term, leaders want managers just smart enough to do the job and dumb enough to not question anything around them? 

Why it’s important for Business Leaders?

As the world turns out to be progressively interconnected and dependent on different sources of varying perspectives or collaborative projects, issues may emerge. These issues are normally instigated with a lack of coordination due to ambiguity with tasks and roles.

The hierarchical arrangement within a leadership-in-management situation is often considered as primarily involving people, whereas management involves dealing with people as one of multiple possible resources in a broader field. Any mix-up with these can induce chaos within business procedures and employee welfare.

Another difficulty that’s experienced is the utilization of innovation. There are an enormous number of challenges brought about by the quick development of innovation, for instance, miscommunication and misconstruing through emails, as it is hard to understand the tone of the sender and facial expressions. As much as email has made communication easier, it has decreased the need for face to face communication.

There is also an enormous push for brands and organizations to be ecologically well disposed, through reusing, biodegradable items and the decrease of plastic. These modern-day problems require effective solutions devised by the help of Managers and Leaders, however, without corporate heads understanding the distinction, it leads to diminishing business morale.

Honour your Managers and Leaders 

While working in a worldwide domain can be an unpredictable obligation and can make periods of vulnerability, it can likewise be greatly remunerating and rewarding to become business leaders. Leadership and management roles face an assortment of challenges in global situations and through understanding their positions, can beat the difficulties and become industry pioneers.

Moreover, the onus falls on the company to honour their differences and similarities and allow them to fulfil their roles without confusion. This brings in positive management and empowers productive functioning of the firm.

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