How To Create A Successful NRL YouTube Channel

Taking the leap into content creating can seem like a complicated and daunting endeavour, however, through the right path, a successful YouTube Channel can not only be achievable but can see extensive amounts of profits made. This post will highlight how a channel based around a topic such as the NRL can be used a step closer to success. 

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a social media platform that connects billions of people together from all ranges of life, on average there’s around 300 hours of content uploaded to the site every minute and serves as a massive opportunity for any passionate content creator.

What does NRL stand for?

The National Rugby League or more commonly known, NRL is a league of professional men’s rugby league teams within Australia that is run by the Australian Rugby League Commission.

Why Create an NRL Youtube Channel?

A body such as the NRL is the perfect topic regarding regular content creation, as there is a constant fluctuation of news, games and data to cover week by week. On top of that, the NRL serves as such an untapped market with over 1.5 million searches in 2019. Source SerpStat.

How to Start an NRL YouTube Channel

Some key steps to follow when looking to begin an NRL YouTube Channel can include but are not limited to, Starting with the Basics, Targeting an Audience, Getting Creative, Staying Consistent, Engaging with your Community and finally Reflecting & Adapting.

Starting with the YouTube Basics:

When you are launching your new life as a content creator make sure that you set your foundations, explain what your channel is about and its intentions and don’t forget to properly introduce yourself. Your audience doesn’t even know who you are yet, and why should they. Keep it sharp and set the tone for what’s to come. 

Target a Youtube Niche: 

An audience is paramount towards becoming successful within the online world.  Relating to the NRL, there is a lot of choice when it comes to a target audience. Your content could range from practice & improvement drills to a more game data & informative type channel. Whichever style of content you choose for your channel make sure you stick with it and act accordingly with regards to your target audience. For example, you could choose to make regular posts regarding games upcoming and past. This could include but is not limited to, latest news updates, match highlights, match reviews and player reviews.

Learn to stand out on YouTube.

Once you have set yourself up in the online universe, it’s time to get creative. Like we said before YouTube has hundreds of hours uploaded to it every minute. You need to give your targeted audience something they will remember but more importantly something they want to see and will keep them coming back for more. This could include incentives for regular viewers such as match tickets, footys, jerseys etc. 

YouTube wants Consistency : 

When it comes to the NRL there is a constant flow of new topics to cover, keeping your audience up to date with the latest information regarding the game is crucial to keeping your audience around. Consistency within your content is also imperative; once you have picked your lane, stick to it. Your viewers aren’t going to be satisfied if they look to your channel to provide them with the latest week’s match highlights and you have posted videos regarding netball. All in all consistency is key. In addition to this, as we stated above, the NRL is constantly generating content and game information to be covered by you.

Engaging With Your Community:

Rugby League is a passionate game, and that flows right through all its supporters. In order to succeed upon a social media platform such as YouTube you must reach out to your community and respond to their inquiries. This could include doing a weekly or fortnightly podcast where you allow viewers to call up and discuss previous, and upcoming games and the latest news within the game. 

Constantly Optimise Your YouTube Channel:

The ability for any business to survive depends on its ability to adapt, and the same principal follows within a YouTube channel. Before one can change it needs to appropriately reflect on its success, in this case, subscribers, views and comments would be ideal. Once this is done you should think of ideas that will continue to encourage growth. Never get comfortable. You can always be better.

With the 2020 NRL season coming up in a matter of weeks, there is no better time to take the dive into content creation. This post should have outlined the key steps you need to take to begin a successful venture as a content creator and the reasons to do so.

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