What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are longer more specific keyword queries that readers are more likely to use when researching about a certain topic or information. When used correctly, they can be highly valuable to a business.

Although long tail keywords generally have a lower traffic rate, it’s design to attract a more direct market allows for a more efficient traffic ratio of user to buyer.

How to use Long Tail Keywords

Use of long tail keywords are a great SEO strategy and can often serve a person greater when they are trying to look for an exact answer on a particular topic.

Often blogs will have their H1 be a little more broad such as our blog relating to pillar pages and then use long tail keywords throughout their H2’s or topic cluster pages as a means to dive into as much detail as possible.

Source SearchEngineJournal
This image highlights the way long tail keywords can be used to focus on a more niche market when attempting to gain relevant attraction. Although the furniture search term has a higher volume of monthly searches, the use of long tail keywords can allow for users to efficiently find what it is they’re looking for. Ultimately resulting in less competition to rank against and more sales per click.

Why are Long Tail Keywords Helpful?

Long Tail Keywords make it a lot easier to rank highly on web pages such as google and therefore gain more traffic when attempting to engage or cover a more niche topic. Therefore it is easier to find your target audience and easier for them to find you!

Source Ahrefs.
Long tail keywords have helped enable people to get exact answers as Google now has more access to online data than ever before. The exact same applies to YouTube search as well.

If you want to learn more about ways to incorporate Long Tail Keywords into your blogs through marketing strategies like Pillar Pages head Here!

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