How to Keep Someone Engaged

Have you ever been telling a story to a group of friends and you can kinda just feel their attention slipping away slowly as if they are just hoping something else pops up to divert their attention too. The sad truth is, you probably have, and the even sadder truth is…. its probably your own fault.

In any aspect of life whether that be social or professional you need to know how to keep an audience engaged.

5 Unique Ways to Engage Your Event Sponsors

These days we have an abundance of distractions, its almost as if there is someone trying to push you into a certain direction at all times of the day. Although this may be true, there are still crucial components that one can use in order to ensure they effectively capture and engage the attention of their audience. 

Ways to Engage Your Audience

Stick to Your Niche

As a business when you build customer relationships towards your work in a particular field, those customers are going to expect you to keep satisfying that need. For example, if you go to the same coffee shop every day to get your morning coffee and one day you show up and its selling balloons your not necessarily just going to buy balloons, are you. Although this is an extreme example the message stays consistent to smaller degrees within most businesses. In order to retain your customer relationships and keep customers engaged with your products or services, it is essential to maintain your foundations.

Be Different

Although we just discussed sticking to your niche, that isn’t to say that you cant expand upon your desired field and try and differentiate yourself from competitors. This is quite a general method, however, it is also critical towards a business succeeding. Being different does not require a brand new product or service that has never been seen before, it requires effective and unique marketing strategies toward your business. Attempting to entertain and satisfy your consumers to their unique qualities can result in happier customers and in turn, more sales. 

Be Visual

As a business, you should be working to build a unique brand that represents your business structure. Utilising visual media to market your product or services can be an effective way to keep consumers engaged in the message you are trying to convey whilst creating a unique image of your business.

Ask Questions

Reaching out to consumers can be difficult sometimes for larger businesses but for small to medium businesses, asking questions to stakeholders can often lead to improvements all around the business. Identifying and questioning what key consumers are looking for can allow a business to effectively promote their products or services in a manner which both keeps existing customers happy but attracts new customers also.

Respond to Consumers

Similar to the point above, building a healthy relationship with customers can be achieved through a direct communication avenue. Responding to customers thoughts, comments and overall reviews of your product or services can allow you to maintain consistent customers and build the overall image of your business. 

Create Value in Your Products

The value of your products and services doesn’t necessarily depend on the price tag you apply to it or the costs incurred to create a said item. However, value is derived from your customer’s perceptions, how much your product or service truly means to them. Looking into your target audience and identifying common trends among your demographic can allow marketing managers to depict your products or services in a light which shines above and beyond what rival businesses are producing. 

Offer Incentives

Incentives are used to entice or persuade someone’s decisions on any particular thing. Offering incentives as a business can allow your customers to build a form of trust towards your brand. Offering free advice, information, sample products etc. can be an effective way to keep consumers happy while attracting new ones as well, who doesn’t love free stuff, right? 

Keep It New and Fresh

When marketing your business it is essential to keep up with modern trends. In saying this, don’t be afraid to step out of what is currently trending, allow your business to try new things and evaluate the outcomes. Businesses these days are including incredible forms of technology in order to market products such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality. Additionally, many businesses are adding a more interactive form of marketing like podcasts and webinars. Overall these new and innovative ideas are allowing businesses to market their products and services towards their target audiences in a way that was previously unheard of.

How Keep your Audience Engaged Through Social Media 

In order to effectively utilise social media within the marketing of your business, you need to adopt a range of marketing techniques that often cater to the specific social platform you are using, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. Some simple steps that should be considered when building your brand on social media include, knowing your audience and identifying the types of people you are trying to engage, post and share valuable content related to your niche, keep it casual and make yourself stand out.

As a business, it is critical that you adopt a unique marketing plan when in regards to social media due to its incredible outreach and ability to attract new customers, whilst also building a durable relationship with existing customers.

If you would like to develop a more detailed understanding of how to develop your marketing plan through specific social media platforms head here.

How Keep Your Audience Engaged In Presentations

As a business, it is essential to understand how to engage with your audience. When presenting anything to do with your business whether that be products, services, branding ideas, marketing campaigns etc. you must know how to capture your audience’s attention whilst also feeding into it.

Ask Questions

This includes rhetorical questions, these allow your audience feel like you truly care about their opinion and you’re not just viewing them as a dollar figure.

Incorporate Physical interaction

A good way to keep an audience in tune is by asking them to do something physical as a means to expound on your point. This can be something minor like taking their phone out of their pocket to standing up for a period of time. This provides a unique way for you to include your audience in the experience you are trying to the overall presentation. Additionally, props can also be included under this tip as you use a physical object to grasp the attention of your audience.

Use a Volunteer

Volunteers are a good way to break the barrier of comfort between an audience and a presenter. Through the use of a volunteer, the rest of the audience will see themselves in that volunteer’s shoes regardless of whether they were individually picked. This helps relieve an overall sense of pressure through casual interaction and overall makes the audience more engaged.

Overall, your business should implement a sound marketing strategy that encompasses the similar topics we spoke about in order to successfully engage a customer base and build healthy relationships between you as a producer and your consumers.

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