Increase your money with Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a digital platform that is constantly growing, with many avenues to make money such as through Affiliate Marketing and Adsense. With creators uploading millions of hours worth of videos every day, it is no wonder that YouTube has been listed on the S&P top 500 companies to invest in. 

“Every year, the number of YouTube channels who earn more than $100,000 increases by 50%.”


One of the main reasons why YouTube is so popular is because of how easy it is to start earning money. The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is designed to reward creators by placing advertisements in their videos, which generates money for you. A channel must have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to start earning monthly.

However, if you do not qualify for YPP or you want to make additional income. That’s where affiliate marketing helps greatly. 

What is Affiliate Marketing on YouTube? 

Affiliate marketing is a popular form of performance-based digital advertising. An affiliate is a promoter of a company’s product or service especially on YouTube and receives a monthly commission for achieving a specific goal. 

The company usually specifies the desirable action required before you receive a commission. For example, the business will pay you the affiliate a 25% percent sales commission. This can be in the form of cost per sale, cost per lead or cost per click. 

Why choose YouTube for Affiliate Marketing?  

Youtube is currently surpassing other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. With such immense growth, it is no surprise that YouTube is so appealing because of its video format style, which is comparatively easier to follow than reading tweets or posts. Considering YouTube made 1 billion in profit in 2019, it is only expected that Affiliate Marketers on Youtube will also receive an increase in their monthly pay. This is why it’s worth the try at affiliate marketing especially on Youtube. 

The above mentioned YouTube stats serve a purpose to help us better understand why the Youtube audience is the best to promote products/services to, and just how big of an audience this platform has. With the growing potential of YouTube in coming years, one can just imagine how many more benefits could come from being an affiliate marketer on YouTube. 

How to promote Affiliate links on Youtube? 

Video Descriptions 

Under each YouTube video, there is a description box in which you can describe the contents of the video, put information about yourself, copyright details, improve SEO and promote products/services of a company and direct your audience to their website. Many YouTubers utilise the description box effectively by posting affiliate links (it is legally mandatory you state within the video that it is an affiliate link) and post links to their other videos. 

For the convenience of your audience, it is best to shorten the website URL, so that you can maintain the attention of the people when they read the description. When links are shortened and cleaned up, it lets YouTube know that it’s not spam and it also appears more pleasing to the eyes. Before posting your link, you should write a few words describing the company and how you may be using it. 

For example, “To assist me in my note-taking and remembering important information for exams, I use Notion, which has dramatically improved my active recall skills. You can Install the Notion app for free here:” 

A call-to-action (CTA) is a phrase such as “Install notion app for free” that encourages your audience to take the desired action. Using CTAs in your descriptions clearly tells the people what is required to get the product/service. 

Comment Section 

The comment section is a great way to engage with the viewers by replying back, liking their comment and analysing what can be improved or what the viewers want for the next video. As a YouTuber you can pin your comment which will appear at the top of the comment section. 

This makes the comment section, a great tool to post affiliate links in and have it pinned at the top for greater reach.If a viewer has a question or is wanting recommendations in the comment section, you can refer affiliate links to your replies. 

YouTube monitors the comment section to ensure there are no spam links, for a better experience for the audience. As a creator you want to make sure, your affiliate links do not appear spammy, because you can get your account suspended and terminated. To ensure it’s not “held for review” by YouTube, it is best to post only one comment containing the link, and to have a small description of what the link leads to. 

End Screen Cards 

These are 1-5 cards which are essentially links at the end of the video that direct your viewers to the specific video, playlists, channels, websites, merchandise, and crowdfunding campaigns. 

With end screen cards, you can only share your own website or merchandise. Hence, affiliates can use these cards to direct viewers to their websites, which contain affiliate links. Thus, a requirement for this option is that you have a website. 

YouTube states in their community guidelines and terms of services, that cards cannot be used to further redirect to unauthorised websites from your website. Illegally, doing this, can result in YouTube removing your video that contains unauthorised links, put a strike against your account and with 3 strikes your account will be terminated. 

Channel Links 

In the about section in your channel, you can add 10+ links. These links should relate to your channel, topics, and videos. For example, if you create baking videos, you can direct your audience to products and services that you used in a video or recommended. This is a great way to gain the attention of people, especially newer audiences who will search through your channel and the about section to understand what your channel is about. 

Social Media 

Before or after you have posted your YouTube video, you can promote the new video on Facebook or Instagram, and using these social media tools you can also include affiliate links in the description of your post and include a small comment. Not only does this increase your marketing reach to a wider audience but it also promotes your company’s product/service to many more people, which means more commissions for you. 

You’ve made it to the end!

I hope this blog has helped you and has left you with many ideas on how to promote affiliate links on YouTube. Not only is YouTube surpassing most social media platforms, but the ultimate reward is that while you’re sleeping, your affiliate links will be making additional money for you. 

What does it cost to get started? Absolutely nothing! So if you have a PC and a wifi connection, you are ready to start your journey with Affiliate Marketing. 

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