How To Start a Music YouTube Channel

So, you’re a singer-songwriter. Or maybe you’re a rapper. Maybe you’re a classical instrumentalist or maybe you prefer playing jazz. Perhaps you’re a DJ who likes mixing tracks in your free time.

Whoever you are, you want to create a music YouTube channel to share your awesome content. But you’re not exactly sure where or how to even begin.

Don’t ‘fret’ (guitarists, I hope you appreciated that) and keep reading because here, I give some of my useful tips and tricks on how to start your own music channel on YouTube.

1. Creating content for YouTube

First step to starting a music YouTube channel is figuring out what kind of videos you want to upload.

If you’re not sure where to start, think about what interests you and plays to your musical strengths.

It may be covers of other artists’ songs like Rousseau or 2CELLOS. ‘How-to’ tutorials like Tara Simon Studios. Reaction videos Tristan Paredes style. Rehearsal vlogs, following in the footsteps of Sumina Studer Violinist. Musical challenges similar to Two Set Violin. Or even a combination of these things like Katieflute or Cimorelli.

Choose a theme that you enjoy and roll with it!

2. Equipment for making YouTube videos

If you’re serious and passionate about starting your own music YouTube channel, it’s worth investing in quality visual and audio equipment.

How to Start a Music YouTube Channel

Now, I’m not saying that you need to put tens of thousands of dollars towards professional heavy-duty technology. But definitely spend that extra bit of money on a decent camera and a good microphone.

We’ve all been there; seeing that a YouTube video is unfocussed or in 480p and clicking out of there at breakneck speed. You don’t want that to be your YouTube video.

And I’m sure I don’t have to stress the importance of having clean audio for a music channel.

So, save up, ask your parents for a little extra pocket money, pick up some extra work shifts. You won’t regret it.

3. Make a good YouTube title

Not many people, if any, are going to be searching up “Fun guitar cover by John Smith” on YouTube.

Choose an engaging title for your YouTube video that is detailed but brief and tag your videos with specific keywords that people might type into the search engine.

Increase your odds of being seen!

4. Grow your YouTube audience

Unless you’re the Walmart yodelling kid or the London Tube singer who sang ‘Shallow’, there’s a slim chance that you’ll gain 2 million views or followers on YouTube overnight.

However, you can increase your chances of gaining traction by connecting with your viewers.

In your video, ask questions like, “What’s your favourite song?” or “Who’s your favourite band?” and invite the viewers to leave a comment. Tell them to, “Like and Subscribe!”.

Get feedback and respond to every comment you get.

How to Start a Music YouTube Channel

Making your fans feel noticed and valuable like this will help create long-lasting relationships important for building and maintaining a following.

5. Be unique on YouTube, Have Fun!

Don’t always follow the crowd. It’s okay to have a pink violin when everyone else’s is brown.

How to Start a Music YouTube Channel

Stand out from all the other music YouTube channels by showcasing your unique individual talents and lovable personality.

Music is a powerful form of free artistic expression, and there are no limits on what you can create.

Be proud of the videos you produce and do it because you genuinely enjoy it and have an unmatched passion for creating music.

How to Start a Music YouTube Channel

Now that you’re at the end of the article, let’s recap my tips and tricks for starting your own music YouTube channel.

1. Decide what kinds of YouTube videos you want to make
2. Have good quality equipment
3. Use titles and tags to your advantage
4. Engage with your subscribers
5. Enjoy the process and be yourself!

So, there you go. Follow my advice and soon enough, you’ll be the one saying, “Hey guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel!”

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