Anime YouTube Channel Edition: 5 Rules For Success

anime youtube channel

We’ve all been there. 

Hours pass by, and we tell ourselves, “one more episode and I go to sleep.” Before you know it, you can feel the sunshine and hear the birds getting ready for a new day.

We sit there. Wishing.  What if our love for anime could be turned into something productive…? 

And then it clicks. You can start up your own anime YouTube channel.

Whether you’re someone looking to do this for fun or potentially even a career, these five golden rules will prepare you into a Super Saiyan in the YouTube world! 

Rule #1: Upload Frequently to your Anime Youtube Channel

Many aspiring content creators sporadically upload their videos onto their channel and wonder why they aren’t seeing any growth. The reason is simple:

They aren’t uploading frequently, and they aren’t uploading on a schedule. 

Although some of us don’t like the feeling of having a deadline or a sense of commitment, it’s important to prioritise the audience first. 

By uploading frequently, viewers are likely to return or subscribe to your channel as there will always be new content for them to watch. An upload schedule allows for viewers to come back routinely to your channel and will create viewer loyalty over time.  

The YouTube algorithm also favours users who upload on a regular basis, so stop waiting and create your own schedule!  

anime youtube channel

Rule #2: Learn how to use video and photo editing software

On a platform where videos are everything, it’s no surprise that video and photo editing skills are a must. Although you might be the biggest anime fan in the world, it won’t help if you can’t construct a polished product. Video editing software will enhance the viewing experience for your audience and increase the perceived value of your channel. 

With anime fans being especially drawn to detail, having an eye-catching thumbnail Is vital. By learning how to use photo editing software, it allows you to create engaging images that would ultimately bring in more clicks an anime youtube channel!

Golden Rule #3: Interact with your YouTube audience

A lot of aspiring content creators seem to have a common misconception that interacting with your viewers is not a ‘cool’ thing to do. This couldn’t be more wrong.

YouTube provides creators and audiences to engage through the comment section. This is one of the easiest ways to develop a personal connection with the very people who watch your videos. 

Maybe you can use this section to ask your audience what anime they would like featured next or maybe you can even redirect them to your other social media accounts.

Whatever you decide, the goal is to interact.

anime youtube channel

Golden Rule #4: Become familiar with YouTube Analytics

With how detailed metric data has become, you would be disadvantaging yourself by not learning how to utilise YouTube Analytics. 

YouTube Analytics can be accessed through your account by going into the creator studio. Here you can observe a list of analytics collected and what they do:

  • Audience retention — How long are people watching your videos?
  • Demographics — Where are people watching your videos from? Age? Gender?
  • Traffic sources — How are people finding your videos?

This type of information can clearly help in making decisions such as establishing a target market and knowing exactly how most people are discovering your videos. 

YouTube analytics provides many more insights into the behind the scenes of your videos and is something that must be understood for you to develop your anime youTube channel. 

Golden Rule #5: Create Anime content you love

The last and most important golden rule is to create content you love.

At the end of the day, you are most likely creating an anime youtube channel because you have a passion for anime. 

Use this new chapter as a way to enjoy what you do by focusing on content you care about and don’t let a hobby become a chore.

By following these five golden rules, you will be ready to create your very own anime YouTube channel. 

If you want to learn more about developing your own anime youtube channel, check out the Online Creator Institute.

Until next time, Sayonara and goodbye!

anime youtube channel

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